Yoga Kids

YogaKids is a unique approach to integrative learning using yoga as a pathway. Reading, storytelling, music, creative arts and earthcare blend seamlessly with yoga movement to educate the "whole" child. The YogaKids curriculum provides children with an exciting new way to explore and appreciate their academic and creative potential.

Children learn to stretch, breathe, relax, and enjoy in playful ways. This program sets a lifelong foundation for wellbeing and builds self-esteem. Other benefits include building strong, limber, and healthy bodies, improved social interactiveness and contemplativeness, and development of focus, concentration, and attention span.

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The Parent's Choice Award Winning YogaKids has been featured in TIME Magazine, NBC News, CHILD Magazine, Inside Edition, PBS, Yoga Journal and many other publications and broadcasts worldwide. Drs. Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil have endorsed YogaKids.