About Cathy

Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a fun and developmentally-centred program for babies, tots, and tykes with parents which offers dozens of unique yoga postures, songs, rhymes, and games which promote healthy living. Itsy Bitsy Yoga® was founded in 1999 by Helen Garabedian, a Registered Yoga Teacher and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. The Itsy Bitsy Yoga program includes more than 100 calming and nurturing yoga poses and techniques for babies from 3 weeks, tots, and tykes to 4 years that are developmentally nutritious and deepen the bond between parent and child. Parents do not need to have yoga experience and they will learn skills to gently guide their infants, tots, and tykes through healthy developmental movements.

Benefits include: help your child sleep longer and better; learn to calm a fussy or crying baby/toddler almost immediately using Magic poses; better understand your child’s developmental movements and style of learning through yoga; encourage your child to develop a healthy body, creative spirit and the ability to calm him/herself.

Cathy teaches Itsy Bitsy Yoga to three different age groups: Baby — birth to pre-crawling; Tots — almost crawling to 21 months; Tykes – 21 months to 4 years. See

Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a calming and nurturing yoga practice full of ways to enhance bonding and make babies happier and more comfortable in their bodies. This 50-minute class contains dozens of unique yoga postures designed specifically to soothe and support the development of a baby's body.
This 50-minute class,continues to build the parent/child bond, helps tots feel happier and more confident in their moving bodies, and encourages their creative spirit.
Itsy Bitsy Yoga offers a fascinating flow of poses, songs, stories, and games through which parent and child can deepen their bond. This 45 minute class helps Tykes and their parents discover and enhance their physical and social development.