Grandpa's Magic Tortilla by Demetria Martinez

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla, Demetria Martinez and Rosalee Montoya-Read

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla, a children's book by Demetria Martinez and Rosalee Montoya-Read. Spanish translation by Rosalee Montoya-Read. Illustrations by Lisa May Casaus. (2010, University of New Mexico Press, 30 pp.)

When Alejandra, Daniel and Benjamin go to visit their grandparents in Northern New Mexico, a strange thing happens. Grandpa burns a tortilla. When the children look at it, each one sees a different animal in the burn marks. But the grownups don't see a thing. Soon the event causes an uproar in the little town.

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"This charming story celebrates imagination even as it celebrates family. It is through the circle of a loving family that imagination is given permission to thrive. And who can resist another tale of a tortilla on which the dreams of the people emerge from fire and flour to inspire?"
      -Joy Harjo, poet, musician, performer, and children's author of The Goodluck Cat and For a Girl Becoming

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla (excerpt)

    When Grandpa was out of sight, Benjamin called out to Alejandra and Daniel. "Hey come here, I have something to tell you." "What is it, Benny?" asked Alejandra. Benjamin motioned for them to gather together into a huddle.

    "Did you see what I saw on the tortilla?" whispered Benjamin. "You gotta believe me. I saw the shape of a bear on the burnt part of the tortilla that Grandpa made this morning!"

    "You saw a bear, Benny?" asked Daniel, surprised. "But it wasn't a bear because I saw a dolphin."

    "What bear? A dolphin?" said Alejandra. "I didn't see a thing."

    The two boys looked at Alejandra. Benjamin took her hand. "Come on Alejandra, I'll show you! Let's go inside and get the tortilla so you can see for yourself."

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla, Illustrations by Lisa May Casaus

Illustrations by Lisa May Casaus


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