Creativity Coaching with Demetria Martinez

Creativity Coaching with Demetria Martinez

Demetria Martinez, Creativity CoachBesides writing books, my passion is my work as a Creativity Coach. Whether you are working to complete a manuscript, overcome writer’s block or are just starting to write, I can help you attain your creative potential. Working with you one-on-one in person or by phone), we will:

  • Discuss exactly what it is you are trying to achieve so that I can tailor our sessions to meet your individual goals

  • Identify ways to eliminate patterns of self-sabotage, including disorganization and procrastination

  • Set up writing schedules to stay on track

  • Discuss how your writing can act as a way to stay motivated and see pages multiply

I work with new writers who hope to get published as well as published authors. My clients write fiction, non-fiction and poetry. I do not believe writing should be painful; quite the opposite, it should be a joyful experience. With this in mind, it’s impossible not to get results.

To inquire about coaching, contact me at

“I do not believe writing should be painful; quite the opposite, it should be a joyful experience. This is the only way to get results”


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What Others Say about Creativity Coaching with Demetria Martinez. . .

If not for the guidance of Demetria Martinez I wouldn’t have completed the first draft of my novel and be midway through the second draft. As a creativity coach her discernment is remarkable. The opportunity to work closely with Demetria has helped me apply my own dedication to the novel in a practical way that surpasses any earlier experiences with creative writing classes or writers groups. Her down-to-earth approach to the hard work of writing is refreshing.

—Greta Pullen


Demetria's coaching got me back to writing through a fire that destroyed not only my journals and books, but my writing space. Our sessions helped me write through planning a wedding and becoming a step mom. When life could have easily transformed my writing into a hobby, Demetria helped me to cultivate it as a spiritual practice.

—Michelle Otero, Malinche's Daughter



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